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***JJR4884's Bacon Cheeseburger DIY***

Saw the pics today of those burgers from "Heart Attack Burgers" thread or whatever the hell it is called.... so I decided to come home and make some burgers...... loaded of course

So........ I didn't put anything crazy in the burgers, but here is a list of what I did

Sorry for some of the pics, they came out blurry because the flash didn't go off, and well... i was a little busy cooking

1lb ground beef
1 medium onion, chopped
2 tbsp minced garlic (jarred is fine)
Bacon (enough for 4 burgers, and then some )
american cheese (had to improv, didn't have cheddar or jack)
basil, parsley, sea salt, pepper, white pepper, and some balsamic glaze i had

So chopped up the onion, cooked the bacon, and put some garlic out, and of course some freshly made bakery rolls.........

Got half of the chopped onions and half of the garlic, put a tsp or so of oil in a pan, and saute them a on med-low heat.......... You'll see what i use this for later.... so, saute them until they start to golden, they should be a little caramelized

Put 1lb of ground beef in a bowl, add the rest of the onion and garlic, had salt and pepper to taste, a little sprinkle of white pepper, and about a tsp each of basil and parsley. I had an asian balsamic glaze, i added about a tbsp of that as well, rather than going with a boring worcestershire sauce

***Also... i put aside enough bacon for 4 burgers, the rest of the bacon I chopped up into bits and put it in with the ground beef

mix it all up real good, and basically roll them into balls, then flatten evenly until its the shape you want....... so burgers are ready to go

onions should be nice and golden by now....... take those off and put them in a little bowl, also chopped up a couple slices of tomatoes as well

So....... burgers go on the grill (sorry, its blurry, my dumbass girlfriend can't use the f*cking camera ) (whom i love, she's sitting right here and she made me put that, or she'll stab me)

as soon as i flipped them, i put the sauteed onions on, the diced tomatoes, and then covered it with the cheese I don't like when you have a hot burger and cold things on it.... so i put everything on the burger while its cooking, then i seal it with the cheese on top....... works wonders

Onions on

Tomatoes on

Cheese on top of the tomatoes and onions

TOAST THE BUNSSSSSSSSSSSS.... spread a little butter on the bun and grill them until toasted

Nice and golden brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Assembly -> Bun, burger, bacon, burger, bun, special sauce

Add a sh*tload of mustard and ketchup

Push down with about 35lb of force so you can eat it hahaha

Enjoy, I know I did

And of course for the end.... when you can't finish it.... You take the top bun off, peel off the cheese/onion/tomato/bacon layer, eat with fork

Had fun doing the pics and what not...

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