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Originally posted by Tominizer
3 posts and 3 black sedans............ hmmmmmm.

Thanks for posting your links to your mods............ however, any thoughts on those mods.......... some you like and others that you may not so much!!??!?!? And if you had to do certain things again, what would you change or not do???? I guess I'm trying to see if we can post up some info regarding the sedans for people just starting out on the mods....... what to watch out for and what things are great additions.

CLEM, those gauges, where did you get them from and how much???? I'm in Toronto Canada and I'm in need of changing my gauge faces.......... and need a reference. Thanks.
2 things I would have done different is saved up for coils and got the wheels I wanted instead of settling for Race springs and 18s.

As for the guages there were only 6 sets left in exsistence that were stubled upon by the PiX crew last fall and all were sold.

There are a few place in Europe that migh have km/h only guage faces.
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