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Special thanks to HiRide for his explanation:

Originally Posted by HiRide View Post
what it means is that the EML light only comes on when you have a throttle related problem. What its saying is that if the EML light is on, you have a throttle pedal, or TPS, or throttle body problem that could be related to vacuum.

If you are in limp mode and the EML light comes on you most likely have a faulty TPS sensor. There are TWO tps sensors in the car.

One is the actual GAS PEDAL which is the most common failure. The other is the TPS sitting just over the oil filter attached to the throttle bodies.

It could also be the throttle body servo motor, but not likely at all. Also, do not let BMW tell you that you need to replace all the throttle bodies. Thats crap... the most you would have to do is get new servo motor and recalibrate the system.

Sounds like its the TPS or pedal though.

Also, the Cats had nothing to do with that EML... the only time you will replace cats is if you get a SES light with o2 sensor codes. Think about it... what are the only sensors that can tell you if the cats are working. O2 sensors, and they can only tell you whether the exhaust gas after the cats has too much fuel in it. The only way would be the cats being so clogged the exhaust could not even get through and you would have had check engine lights for months and the car running rich as hell for that to happen.... Even then, you should not get EML.

Also, you can completely remove the cats and run with the SES light and no limp mode... The dealership should have never even suggested cats. I dont understand how BMW can build a car, and then BMW does not know how its own diagnosis system works.... And yet everytime you go into the dealership they always look so confused when the SES or EML light comes on. No one ever knows what the EML light is for and it never stores codes that can be read through the OBD system.

I just dont get it... anyway, long story short. cats cant cause the problem. most likely TPS or pedal. It is actually pretty common, but no one ever posts their success on fixing the problem after they post up about the EML light.
Originally Posted by HiRide View Post
thats a little high, and they are assuming it is the most difficult of the 3 TPS sensors right off the bat.

There are 3 TPS sensors on the S54. There is the one they mentioned to you which is the most expensive job, it does require removing the inlet manifold and while it is a larger job, it is not a $831 USD job...! That is crazy.

If you are not covered under warranty then you should no longer use BMW for anything. They charge over $120/hr labor here and they probably charge a similar amount in the UK.

There are two other sensors: One is located in the gas pedal and if it goes out, the entire gas pedal has to be replaced. This is the second most costly repair, but an easy one as its just a remove and replace procedure.

The cheapest TPS is the one located on the front end of the motor just above the oil filter housing. You actually have to unplug this TPS in order to change the oil. This is the cheapest and easiest TPS to replace.

I would go back to BMW and ask them if they are 100% sure that the job they want to do will fix the problem. They will most likely say no. You then ask about the other parts, the TPS sensor on the front of the motor and the gas pedal. They will most likely say that it could be those and they dont know exactly which one.

Try going to an independent BMW shop and get a diagnosis and quote from them. The sensor under the inlet manifold has been known to be the most likely culprit but its the most expensive job and not usually the one you want to try first if you dont have any concrete proof.

I would start with the TPS on the front of the motor... if that doesnt work, then i would consider going under the inlet manifold or replacing the gas pedal, but you take a gamble either way.

Good Luck!

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