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crap, i didn't see this until just now, and i had already ordered one a few days ago, comes in monday. but actually, i'm not even sure that's really the problem as i have just discovered a huge gaping whole in the rubber intake thingamabob just before it goes to the engine... the one that is connected to the idle control valve thingy as well. now i'm trying to decide if i wanna go ahead and replace the idle control valve or just try and clean it.
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A MAF sensor for your car is about $283 bucks which is a lot of money to spend on a best guess kind of fix. I can't promise you that this is the problem. What I can do is make you a deal that might help you fix it. I have an extra MAF down in my garage that is used but it works just fine. I replaced mine a while back when I was troubleshooting a problem with my supercharger install. Turns out the MAF was good so now I have an extra one. If you want to pay shipping, which shouldn't be more than $5 or $10 bucks, I will send it out to you and you can try it out. If it doesn't fix your problem you can send it right back to me. If it does fix it I will sell it to you for $100 dollars or you can send it back to me and buy yourself a brand new one.Just let me know if your interested.
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