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I'm sixteen years old and do not know much about wiring or audio for that matter, but money is scarce and I decided to take a chance wiring the subwoofers in my 2001 325Ci. I have a Kenwood amp, 1800watts, and 2 12" 1500watt enclosed in my trunk. I wanted to keep the OEM amp to power the speakers inside the car. So today i mounted the amp securely on back of the enclosure, connected the amp power to the + terminal of the battery, connected the ground to the mount next to the OEM amp. I cut and stripped pin #10 (white) on the grey connector, and re-clamped it with the remote turn on wire for the aftermarket amp. The aftermarket amp and OEM amp turn on fine (i get audio from inside the car). I then proceeded to cut pin #2 (yellow) and pin #1 (brown) from the grey connector, and wired them to the LOC i bought from bestbuy. I did the same for pin#25 (blue) and pin #24 (brown). I DID NOT RE-CONNECT THESE BACK TO THE OEM AMP, JUST CLAMPED THEM TO THE LOC. I bought RCA cables from Lowes and connected them from the LOC to the aftermarket amp, connected the speaker wires from the amftermarket amp to the subs. It doesn't work.

What am I doing wrong?

Before I did all this I took out the H/K stock subs, cut and stripped the speaker wires connected to them, and re-connected those to the 12"s. It was feeding them little watts, but it worked nontheless.

I felt curious, and re-connected my previous setup, and it still worked. This leaves me to two hypothesis on where i went wrong:

1) i somehow wired the LOC wrong, or got the wrong type of LOC (the one i got is the only one they have at bestbuy)

2) I cut the wrong wires that i connected to the LOC.


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