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Originally Posted by Black_Knight View Post
Ok, I recently purchased a '02 BMW 330Ci auto - european (i'm in europe, heh).
The car done a bit over 100k miles and the suspension is a bit tired plus i'm very sensitive to stuff as steering looseness.

So, the plan is to replace almost everything:

- all front and rear bushes including swaybar bushes... not sure about subframe bushes?
- front control arms
- tie rods
- springs
- shocks
- shock mounts
- the cheap part between the lower steering column and steering rack
- swaybars and links

after that if it proves loose i'd replace the steering rack.. definitely will replace the rack if i can find a quicker steering rack than OEM?

anyway, i need recommendations for some of the stuff i wish to upgrade and i need a recommendation where to get all this stuff at one place, i dont want to order from 5 separate shops.

so, front control arms i've seen those all metal ones mentioned all over - meyle, so i guess that should be my choice?

shocks and springs - i'd like to lower just a bit, an inch perhaps. i've seen you people mention sport and regular suspension, how do I know which is mine, i have a euro BMW and guessing it has a regular suspension. anyway, i'd even dish out for a coilover set but they all seem to lower a lot more than an inch even at minimum?

about the cheap part between the lower steering column and rack - this is some kind of a rubber thing - i'm not really sure about having rubber in my steering.. i can replace it with OEM but I'm really wondering what would it be like if i welded this thing somehow?

and swaybars to complement the springs/shocks

bushes i guess powerflex? which bushes does meyle install into their arms? something similar to powerflex? or more like oem?

are there any quick steering racks available for the e46 coupe?

please help me out, im new to BMWs, i read half the forum already looking for info as my car is promising but the tired suspension really makes it hard to enjoy

Control Arms - go with Meyle HD or the M Sport. The M Sport do not have replaceable ball-joints (Meyle HD does).

Bushes (or bushings) - go with Meyle HD (which is like OEM but stronger), or go with Powerflex. I recommend Meyle HD, but others will recommend Powerflex. Listen to the feedback and decide.

Springs / Shocks - go with an H&R Sport Cup kit.

Sway Bars - go with H&R.

Steering Column rack parts - go with OEM.

Tie Rods - go with Lemfoerder or Meyle.

End Links - go with Lemfoerder, TRW, or Meyle.

"Quick Steering racks" - I have no experience in that department, but I would search for threads about the E36 Z3 steering rack.

Contact ruben@desertmotorworks.com, he'll take care of ya.

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