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Originally Posted by Dreamliner330 View Post
HDMI is Digital It either works or it doesn't.
Not true. Ever see a satellite TV signal breakup but continue to make an image? How about an HDTV signal with stairstep effects? Iv'e personally seen HDMI cables that pass 1080i with zero issues but when fed 1080p introduce blue flecks into the video image. I'm not talking about a subtle effect of blue flecks either. A two year old standing 8 feet away can see this.

Just because it's digital does not mean that it's like an on/off switch of "it works or it doesn't" Digital can "kinda work" too. The TV will try to interperate what the weak signal is supposed to look like and deliver an image full of artifacts.

Originally Posted by davidwarren View Post
wouldn't that kinda show the difference is minimal?
What I said was that their equipment and testing methods didn't allow them to make a definitive judgement of whether the Monoprice cables could work for everyone. The posters on avsforum can only verify that it works for them on their systems.

What about me with a 1080p/10 bit color output capable PS3 and a 35 foot run?
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