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Hi Everyone,

I just did this DIY except for the soldering and must say that it was just as described. Thank you very much! The hardest part is getting the module out from behind the metal tabs that block it. However, follow the instructions and you will get it out without damaging anything. Even with my cautious pulling and prodding I got the GM-V out in 30 minutes.

I didn't do the soldering as I don't have the right tools. I sent it off to Scott Johnson who is the guy mentioned in the thread. His web site is here:

I sent it off to him Tuesday afternoon via FedEx and had the repaired module back by 10:00am Thursday and in my car within minutes. He got it Wednesday morning and had it repaired and shipped out that same day! His service is fantastic and well worth the $100 including overnight return shipping!! I e-mailed him before, during, and after the service and his prompt personal responses were greatly appreciated. I strongly recommend him to anyone who has this problem.

This forum and Scott's service are proof the internet is an incredible resource. Thanks to all of you on here and especially to Scott for his service. All my locks work as they should and it cost less than a new key fob!!

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