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Originally Posted by LX-Brian-LZ View Post
this is the cold hard truth: if you don't dedicate yourself to daily exercise, you will be overweight the rest of your life.
Originally Posted by xtestifyx View Post
Diets don't work. Exercise more and make them daily
Originally Posted by crispvx View Post
Yes I agree, diets are only temporary solutions. I workout 3 days a week and run 30 - 40 minutes on the days im not lifting. My problem is eating, I cant stop it

Originally Posted by CrashRide View Post
nay. diets are crap. you need carbs. carbs = energy
You are all wrong. Diet and exercise are both key to a healthy lifestyle. Weight is almost exclusively due to diet, while exercise more so determines body composition at that weight. As for the topic: Atkins is inefficient. Eat clean food, low sodium, low fat food. This includes healthy carbs like salads, fruits, and vegetables as well as high quality protein like lean steak and chicken breast. Take fish oil. Eat 5-6 smaller meals a day and snack on nuts, etc. Cut out junk, especially soda. Then, if you want to weigh less, reduce caloric intake.

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