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Thanks for such a nice write up. Not available in US. I had to have Canadian friend of mine buy for me in Canada. He is shipping to me. Canadian dealers did not want to deal with international shipping. Last year here in Minnesota my wife's E46 got a frozen pcv valve while parked at work, and driving home pressure builds and blows the valve cover gasket, catastrophic oil failure. I was out of town with my E46, so she had to deal with having it towed to dealer, renting car. out of warranty repair. This is not like Canada. When only -25F here, dealers are busy, and start on your car a few days later. Had the pcv valve replaced with an insulated one and insulated dip stick tube etc. Service Bulletin 11-01-07. BMW gave me parts of $750 out of goodwill and I paid towing. rental car, and $550 dealer labor. It will be nice to have the block heater.
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