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Water + Intake = Explosion. Seen an engine that had a piston go though the side of the block and damage other components at one of my mechanics shops. He said it was because the engine sucked in water. I don't know how factual this is, but it makes me afraid to do anything more than the K&N CAI and water sock to my intake.

From Wiki:
Hydrolock (short for either hydraulic lock or hydrostatic lock) is a condition of an internal combustion engine in which an incompressible liquid has been introduced into its cylinder(s), resulting in the immobilization of the engine's pistons. The liquid causing this malfunction is often water, hence the prefix "hydro-". Hydrolock occurs in a 4-stroke engine when liquid is sucked into the engine's cylinder(s) during the intake stroke and, due to the incompressibility of the liquid, makes the compression stroke impossible. This, in turn, prevents the entire engine from turning, and can cause significant engine damage if one attempts to forcibly turn over or start the engine. Typically, connecting rods will be bent, making the engine uneconomical to repair.
You guys should definitely be careful with this mod, also search google for hydrolock, it isn't pretty.

Here's one thread from a corvette forum:
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