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One n00b to another:

DME = BMW's ECU, DME=Gasoline, DDE=Diesel
EWS = Immobilizer System. It basically checks all vital components: the alarm status (DWA), cluster status, it checks the miles, keys and transponders to control engine, door and trunk access based on the way it's programmed.
EGS just for info is the automatic gearbox controller. It comes up a lot on this site.

As for engine swap, you'll just have to search through the hundreds of threads on that topic, basically, it takes a lot of programming by someone that speaks BMW.

Originally Posted by copracr View Post
Sorry, but i have a couple newbie questions.

Is a DME a PCM?

What's a EWS and basically what does it do?

Who or what is ESS?

Are there any good threads on motor swaps or BMW tuning options?

I'm new to the BMW world so some of the terminology is tripping me up. Thanks guys.

My Ride: 2002 M3C

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