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Originally Posted by CrashRide View Post
Chi Updat***8203;e 11/***8203;18

Hello***8203; Frien***8203;ds,***8203;

My apolo***8203;gies for the delay***8203; in updat***8203;es.***8203; Chi'***8203;s condi***8203;tion remai***8203;ns the same - serio***8203;us,***8203; but stabl***8203;e.***8203; He still***8203; lies in a coma,***8203; howev***8203;er his vital***8203;s (***8203;heart***8203;,***8203; lungs***8203;,***8203; and blood***8203; press***8203;ure)***8203; all exhib***8203;it very stabl***8203;e funct***8203;ions and docto***8203;rs have begun***8203; remov***8203;ing much of the exces***8203;s monit***8203;oring***8203; equip***8203;ment.***8203; Chi remai***8203;ns stron***8203;g in his fight***8203; to recov***8203;er.***8203;

Winst***8203;on Churc***8203;hill once said,***8203; "***8203;Never***8203; give in - in nothi***8203;ng,***8203; great***8203; or small***8203;,***8203; large***8203; or petty***8203;,***8203; excep***8203;t to convi***8203;ction***8203;s of honou***8203;r and good sense***8203;.***8203;"***8203; Today***8203;,***8203; pleas***8203;e be espec***8203;ially***8203; aware***8203; of your perso***8203;nal choic***8203;es.***8203; Never***8203; give in to press***8203;ure and try not to be disco***8203;urage***8203;d.***8203; Your good choic***8203;es each day will bring***8203; good thing***8203;s back to you and creat***8203;e a bette***8203;r life for you and yours***8203;.***8203;

Movin***8203;g forwa***8203;rd,***8203; I will be creat***8203;ing a new blog dedic***8203;ated to my daily***8203; updat***8203;es.***8203; It will take me a few days to get this up and runni***8203;ng,***8203; so pleas***8203;e bear with me. Defto***8203;nes will conti***8203;nue to updat***8203;e you on Chi'***8203;s condi***8203;tion when there***8203;'***8203;s a signi***8203;fican***8203;t chang***8203;e in his condi***8203;tion.***8203;

Thank***8203; you again***8203; for keepi***8203;ng Chi in your praye***8203;rs.***8203; It's keepi***8203;ng all of is stron***8203;g.***8203;

Our love to you all,

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