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Originally Posted by kush View Post
i stopped by for a sandwich at this italian place don't remember the name but it was a pretty big place with 2 sections i think...
venda ravioi?

Originally Posted by sunydude View Post
I dont eat steak, but that is looking tasty & awesome....

Originally Posted by davidwarren View Post
Normally I see this done by cooking the peppered steaks in the pan and then deglazing with the sauce.

Originally Posted by madchef View Post
You missed the best part of the dish!

Deglaze the pan with the beef stock, cognac....add heavy cream and some green peppercorns, let that reduce until it just coats the back of the spoon. Those bits in the pan are the serious flavor

Originally Posted by madchef View Post
Alternatively if you want to make sure the alch is all out, deglaze with the cognac first, give it a shake, then light the steam on fire to burn off the alch. Better make sure you have some vertical room for that one
Deglazing was definitely an option, but it takes so goddamn long to make the sauce, I just wanted to get that going first..

I'll try it out next time, I can always wrap the steaks up in aluminun foil for a half hour or so....

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Russo for moderator! (if we get the food forum)

Originally Posted by dava92 View Post
Wow good job!
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