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Originally Posted by redronin View Post
looks so unbelievably good. i really like the layout and the graphics on the gps is especially nice
I think this version also supports custom themes so I might make a bmw based one.

GPS software offers 2D view as well, the voice navigation is crisp and clear, it mutes music when it's going to give a direction and then automatically resumes, can switch between metric/imperial systems, etc etc.

And since it's a computer, you can have whatever GPS software you want on it, PC Navigator, iGo, Destinator etc. (Destinator comes as default).

Originally Posted by JDMOTO View Post
Im planning to do this install, this winter. Right now we just finished building my buddies for his Audi TT. Next will be mine. Great DIY!!!!

Originally Posted by joshboca View Post
how can you connect the pc to the monitor???
With an XGA cable - NOT VGA. Long distance VGA cables are prone to interference, specially in a car environment. XGA cables are thicker with better screening (shielding). I have 1x3m XGA extension from carpc [trunk] which ends just below the center console and from there the original cable of the touchscreen is used.

Pending plans:

Radio receiver (centrafuse has a list of supported devices) to have a completely carputer integrated solution.

BT voice commands:
I have successfully paired my HP iPaq 614c WM6.1 phone with centrafuse. Now I need to get a powered mic for everything to work. The original mic from the old Nokia handsfree kit that was installed in the car cannot be used and neither a regular PC mic because of the extra cable length I need (remember soundcard inputs are in the trunk). So I will either get a cheap usb soundcard to put in the front and configure windows to use it only for recording or get a very very good amplified mic.

The ebay kit with an ELM327 OBDII - USB interface works perfectly with centrafuse. The major issue is that the OBDII port is located near the gas pedal area and it's not easy to have it connected all the time. Half of the times I will kick the cable out of the plug so I need to fabricate or find a 90 degree OBDII plug - If such thing exists.

More to come!
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