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Great Pics and good detail. I was starting my own DIY on my GM Tranny when I came upon yours. 'nuf said. 1999 E46 328i M52 72K. I'm using Castrol Import Multi-Vehicle ATF and AT parts kit from Pelican. Fluid=$4.49/qt x 9, Elring-Klinger Filter/gasket/bolts=34.98+s/h, Total cost: under $76 labor=free. My actual time was 1hr 45min from raising to lowering.
Car Ramps are crucial to get the car as level as possible.
My T-40 got stripped when removing the drain. Get the best tools, Mac or SK. Went to Sears and got their T-45 lo-profile socket 3/8 for the refill. I nearly busted my nut, figuratively and literally.
Spray parts cleaner liberally.
Coat both sides of the new gasket with a little fresh ATF.
Prefill pan with new ATF and presoak new filter with new ATF to avoid a dry sump.

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