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Awesome Thread. Thank you for the great advice. Me and my ex broke up about 3 months ago and its been the worst time of my life. We were young when we met and were eachothers first love and been going out for 3 years.
Im unsure on what to do because she did not cheat on me or anything, she says she fell out of love and ultimately as she was treating me worst and worst, i broke up with her, but never thought it was going to be for good and i still love her. she got over it very quickly and that i think hurt the most, we still talk and i want to be friends with her because i still love her and care about her, but im so confused if i should tell her i dont want to have anything to do with her anymore or be friends. i dont want her out of my life and she wants me there too, i just dont know what to do.
Any advice? Anyone went throught the same thing?

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3) CUT HER OFF - this is a biggie, and perhaps the toughest but most effective way towards feeling better. for me, i really cared about her, alot, and i still had feelings for her, and because of that, it was the hardest thing for me to do when she asked if i still wanted to be friends, and for me to tell her no and walk away. this may seem immature, but its definitely not, if your feelings for her remain, watching her see other guys, date around, and be with another guy will be torture, being around her and knowing that you will never have what you had with her before will eat a hole through you, man up, in this situation, its ok to be selfish, and look out for you and your own well being, dont put yourself in the situation where you torture yourself just because you cant let go of your feelings for her, know that she never reciprocated the feelings, and because of that, convince yourself that she doesnt deserve someone like you that cares for her, realize all that you have to offer her, and say **** it, she doesnt deserve it, and there is going to be another girl down the road that will appreciate you for all that you do and all that you have to offer, and its time to take the next step towards finding that girl.
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