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Originally Posted by James330I View Post
bite the bullet bro and spend a little money on a sound system. You've invested enough on a nice it justice by investing in good sound system. Spend some time at your local audio store, and listen to nice setups. maybe this will change your mind about your sound options

The thing is, most of the a/v gearheads will just laugh at your sound budget. Not one of us will be happy recommending you a system for less than $500, cos you know..we really don't pay attention to those. Some of the guys here will spend $500 just on cables alone.

We're better off just telling you to go to your local best buy and pick up the first system that is under $500. It will probably meet your needs. and all have great selection of HTIBs (home theater in a box)

The sad thing is, I've spent the last few weeks in big box stores looking at their 'HT in a box' setups from yamaha without being impressed at all...a friend of mine just flew out to new york and said he would try to find me a Polk system since he's a polk-fanatic. Time will tell what my bargain hunting nets me .....thanks again for all the feedback guys

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