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Thanksgiving - What's on the menu?

Just wonderin' what kinda spread everyone's having.

Not much here at the Russell house, it's just me and the wife. I don't trust myself just yet to invite people over, nevermind the fact that we don't have a dining table.

Anyway, we're having turkey of course. I'm going to try brining it and I'll be slapping that bad boy on the verticle roaster. It's going to be two expreiments in one. *Fingers crossed* We'll have home made stuffing (for the most part, we bought the bread) it'll be half corn bread and half french bread. The wife's making her awesome mash potatoes and I she's making sweet potatoes or whatever those things are called (I think they're gross). Of course there'll be gravy and we bought some rolls to sop that up with. Apple pie and ice cream round things out for desert.

All in all pretty standard, so yeah, what're you guys having?
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