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what is healthy eating?

this was posted in another thread today...

however that food pyramid is outdated. this is the current one.

it was changed in 2005

more info on that

aside from not letting the gov'mint tell me what to eat, it just goes to show you that scientific recommendations on eating are just that... recommendations and not fact. our understanding of what is healthy is constantly changing, and what is considered good one day might turn out to be not so good another.

i consume what most americans would consider a high-fat diet including a lot of stuff that "health conscious" people would never consider. however in my opinion it is a well balanced diet of basic foods that have been eaten by a variety of cultures for a very long time. i have good cholesterol levels and don't consider myself overweight. any shortcomings i have healthwise (that are under my control) IMO are attributed to exercise levels rather than diet.

i just think many people are obsessed with food (what they consider categorically good or bad), and i think that's dangerous considering we can't know all factors.

what are your thoughts?
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