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Originally Posted by nX07 View Post
I'm having an issue with my BMW Business CD head unit.

This morning I was playing a CD and I wanted to switch it's track, however it would not switch. I tried both the steering wheel controls as well as the head-unit controls. I figured it was some obscure glitch so I turned off and on; went back to the CD mode and nothing happened.

It says 'TR' and RND as if it was in random playback mode (I've never set it to that), and nothing will work CD-related. I can't change the track (no number appears, only TR), nor can I eject the CD.

The radio works fine, as does the steering-wheel and head unit controls to change the stations; just nothing works with anything pertaining to CD functionality. I can't even eject the CD whilist the vehicle is off (if you hold the eject button down while the car is off it will eject the disc).

Does anyone have any insight as to why my CD player is behaving the way it is?

Did you ever manage to resolve this problem? My Business CD started acting-up in the exact same manner as you described. Did pulling out the fuse work, or something else?
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