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forgot to take pics of the process!!!

Anyway, for thanksgiving with the family I made mac and cheese and gravy.

The mac and cheese was made with 2lbs of campanelle, a roux of 1/2lbs of butter, something like 50 oz of cheese-sharp cheddar, mild cheddar and colby that was shredded up in my food processor, then the béchamel was made with half-and-half (1qt) and the remainder 1% milk-- I guess that averages out to a bit better than whole milk, salt, pepper, hungarian paprika, then a topping of some of the remainder of shredded cheese and panko tossed in melted butter.

Today I made gravies- a velouté and a sausage gravy. Both started with rendering two pounds of sausage and then making a roux with that and 1/2 pound of butter. I split them about 25/75 favoring the velouté. The sausage gravy used up the rest of my 1% milk, then some of the sausage bits and some salt, pepper and fresh nutmeg. The velouté used the roux and then finished with chicken stock.


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