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Unhappy Sorry, you guys are right

You guys are right. Sorry about my mis-information. It is a 3.0 ltr engine. And I did read the wrong number for the price of the package, I was looking at the ZCP for the M3. Sorry

But you can say what you want, I am not a salesman. I actually really hate selling cars, but its the only way to get rid of the old car without getting ripped off by dealers.

I just got in a flow when writing it and I guess it does sound kinda sales pitchy doesnt it? Well Im a private seller living in Chino Hills and I work at Harkins Theatres, my phone number is listed there and it is my car, Im not selling it for anyone else.

And finally, you will be amazed at how well this transmission works. It is actually pretty fast at shifting. Of course it will never match up to a manual, but as far as autos go, its definetly the best next to Merc's trans. Comfortable, but very capable as a sport transmission.

And the original owner did purchase the extended warranty. It really does have the 100,000 mile/sept 2010 warranty. I just found this out like a month ago. I thought once I hit the 50k mark it was over, so I went to my personal mechanic for a while. But I had to take it to the dealer a month ago and the guy handed me my receipt with a $0.00 amount and I was like "wtf!" and he told me it had the extended warranty. Very good news indeed.

Thanks for all the info and Ill correct it when I can
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