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Originally Posted by snbe82 View Post
Perfect DIY! I'm planning on starting a project like yours as soon as i get the time and money.

How do you like your monitor as far as visibility in the daytime.. are you happy with that brand?

Also.. I'm trying to decide which route to take with audio. I currently am using the stock headunit with an ipod adaptor. I want to be able to keep my steering wheel controls and I want to keep an ipod hookup for friends that want to listen to hook up. How would you recommend keeping both of these. Should I get an aftermarket headunit and steering wheel control adaptor or should I just get something like car2pc or the such?

For the OBD, is it possible to purchase another female OBD connector and splice into the current one or anything like that?

Anyways.. these are just a few of the questions I've had..

Thanks for taking the time to make such a great diy.. sick setup you got.
I've got the Xenarc touchscreen.. When I got it 2.5 years ago it was the top of the line. At noon or when direct sunlight hits the screen i can't see anything. My other friends changed 3-4 touchscreens since then. I plan to change it with the moded Lilliput which claims to have perfect visibility under direct sunlight. For $600+ I have to think about it twice though.

Most of the aftermarket headunits have Ipod adaptors and BMW steering wheel modules so not an issue. I have the Autoleads version for my Kenwood unit and the original Pioneer steering module for my Pioneer HU. Both work perfectly fine. I can't really help if you are looking to keep the OEM HU.

For the OBD, I have already bought 1 female and 1 male and I made a 90 degree angled extension. When plugged, only the cable shows a bit. I'll post pictures tomorrow when I finish the plugs. Now they look ugly because I used a jigsaw to cut their plastics
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