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Originally Posted by deltasleep View Post
darn it i was hoping for the "cheaper" route...looks like a motor build up will be in my future very shortly. This is why I love dealing with VF Engineering..honesty...some other S/C companies could learn a few lessons in this.. Nik that is really to bad as i would imagine you had invested a few thousand dollars for a dead end, but at least you tried. One postive note, the condition of drews motor after so many thousands of miles beating crap out of it.
Agreed, although it is a little dissapointing. VF tried to give us more power in less expensive way, but no go, that's part of the deal at times, but ultimately pistons and rods are the way to go and I know a few cars are lined up already.

I don't think it's in vain either Bro, as we were able to see the condition of the motor after 25K of HARD driving, higher boost levels, etc. Although I did monitor my car more than most, and keep things in constant check, it's a testament to good tuning, and a well engineered SC'r kit.
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