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Cause of the cricket?

I have the cricket problem, so I am in the middle of fixing or replacing my blower. I pulled it out following the DIYs on here (very nice!) as well as the Bentley instructions. I got it out in about 20 minutes thanks to all of the help.

Anyway, I figured I'd try to diagnose the problem with the blower before spending $200 or $400 on a new one (what is the difference between those two parts sold at Pelican?).

So, I was spinning the blades and tapping on the motor, and a lot of dirt or dust started coming out. I would say a total of at least a tablespoon of crap came out of the motor through the four slots (circled in pic). Could this crap be the cause of the cricket? Maybe it gets caught up in the motor armature and causes a vibration that sounds like the chirp? Part of the reason I think this is plausable is that in my car often the chirping starts when I am mid corner. Maybe the dirt is sliding around in there and it gets caught up in the motor that way? Anyone have any thoughts on my theory?
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