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New guy with some questions - mostly intake/MAF/ SES related

Hi all. I've been using the forums as a non-posting member for a while now as a resource, so thanks to everyone who has taken the time to put up a crapload of amazing E46 information.

I've got a 2000 323i, mostly stock except for a new Sachs suspension from BavAuto, a new Reverse gear (stupid frigging not-covered-by-a-recall reverse issue that I didn't know about until after i bought it...) and $8k in body work after some drunk-ass decided to ruin my left side. I know it's only a 323, but it beats my old saturn hands down and I enjoy it, and it's certainly cheaper to maintain than an M (since I put almost 40k/miles/year on it!)

I have a few issues with it, that I'm hoping someone can assist me with getting to the bottom of.

First off is the eternal SES light. I bought a Peake tool, and it's giving me the amazingly unhelpful "cyl adapt limit" codes for both banks. So, I:
-replaced ALL FOUR o2 sensors.
-switched back from 89 octane gas to 93. (hey, who knows)
-took apart intake, threw out K&N filter
-cleaned airbox, intake, installed OEM paper filter
-cleaned MAF with MAF-Cleaner spray
-used carb cleaner spray all over to check for idle-jumps, found none.
-removed and cleaned the idle-adjustor flap thing (saw it in some post, figured it couldn't hurt)

It sounds like the only remaining thing is to replace my MAF sensor, yes?

Second Issue, less of a big deal:
At or around 2,400-2,700 RPM (highway cruise speed) with the gas pedal in a specific position, I get this VERY VERY HIGH PITCH whistle noise. It almost sounds like a turbo squeal combined with someone using their knuckles in their mouth to whistle. It is so high pitched that people over 40 have a very difficult time hearing it, but being younger, it drives me ****ing NUTS.

Since I've already checked for leaks in the intake, and cleaned everything in the intake system, what the hell else could be whistling? Throttle body plate perhaps? I tried cleaning inside the throttle body, but I didn't feel like taking that damn engine cover off to get at the rest of it (it was cold outside here in MA).
Any advice on this issue would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Boston area, MA
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