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I just looked up my receipt. I got Corteco ones, A7000-277416. I am kinda cheap and I know I would have gotten Sachs ones but I must have searched by part number from RealOEM, which returned Corteco ones only.

It took me like an hour to do it but then I got a pit in my garage which makes things bit easier. Either way, it's not a hard job.

1. Once you get your car on jackstands (never had to do that because of the pit), unbolt passenger side mount fully and losen up drivers side. Don't fully take off nuts from drivers side.
2. Slowly jack up engine under the oil pan and make sure you use piece of wood between jack and the pan. Jack it up only so much that you can get the mount out.
3. Once you get the new mount in, slowly lower the engine down, making sure that mount fits perfectly in it's spot. There is only one way that it can sit in there. Bolt it up
4. Unbolt other mount, slowly jackup engine and slide old one out. Slide new one in.
So key thing here is to do one side at the time.

As I stated in that thread, you will need two 10" extensions and universal joint. Bottom nuts are unbolted thru the opening in control arm and can't be done without the universal joint.


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