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Originally Posted by 330i ZHP View Post
Again, I have a M54b30 and an m54b25 sitting here and I have examined the intakes and throttle bodies - i agree that looking at the intakes there does not seem to be a difference...but the TB's are different sizes

AND like you mentioned, the intake tubes from the MAF to the TB are very different (as are the MAF's)

Which injectors are you running? If using the 323 injectors, are you starving the motor?? Running it lean? What color are the injectors on the 323?

btw - I am not questioning your efforts - I am genuinly interested as I have the spare M54b25 motor sitting here and would love to find a dead 323 or 328 or 325 in swap this motor in for my daughter who will be driving in a few months.

does anyone know how much a 323 or 328 with a dead motor would cost? Needs to have clean body and interior...I can fix the rest
ah dont worry im glad your looking into doing the swap your self! well because of vacuum leak i couldn't really tell if switching the injectors made a difference... from what i remember the M52 has black and the M54 blue? Id imagine that the blues have a bit higher flow rating although im sure the stock ones could handle the displacement increase...Up here in canada your lookin at around $5000CND if that helps...I noticed your from Washington, DC. Nice place my friend goes to school around there so I took a couple days off and drove down...only bad part are the roads downtown washington holy crap my slammed vw passat didnt like it very much...gl with your swap though let me know if you need anything else...
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