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Originally Posted by relentlessone
To remove the washer tank, I know it's just one bolt, but is it ok to just lift the tank out after removing the bolt, or do you have to unhook the hoses first before lifting up? Do you know of any DIYs on here? Thanks.

Unplug the 3 sensors (well, at least the 2 on the right where you can reach... the bottom one you might have to wait till after you lift the tank out a little so you can get to it)....

Last, but most important, while standing in front of your car looking down at the tank, on the front, bottom, right, there is a hose. It has a clip that you lift the "C" off of so that you can pull the hose. When you pull it, the fluid in the tank will flow out of that opening. I just pulled it and held my finger over the hole until the tank is out and you could drain it into a bucket.

Good luck!
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