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Thanks! To answer the questions -
Here's a photo of what I'm talking about (not my car, I just grabbed a similar pic from google-image-search). Starting from the bottom of the pic, I opened the airbox, took out the filter and replaced it. Then I moved up to the MAF, cleaned it. Then I took the next (elbow) out, and behind it (labeled "this is where i stopped") was where I removed the idle adjustor for cleaning. I *think* that the throttlebody plate is *behind* that, right? (where the "?" is pointing to, in the photo).

As for the oil question - I've had several oil changes (including one from the stealership), and I've checked the dipstick many many times, so it's within a non-visible realm of correct-ness. I mean, will a few microns of fill-difference cause the oil light to come on (yellow) for a minute ONLY while starting the car? Seems odd.
I didn't even realize I had an oil level sensor. (natrually, what DOESN'T have a frigging sensor in this car). I'll look into replacing that at some point, but right now it's only an annoyance.

And for shyts and giggles; here's an awesome photo of the frigging damage that took a month to get repaired:
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