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Originally Posted by Gregs View Post
I typically spray the foam over the vehicle and then use a my Ulti-Mit or Grout Sponge or Sheepskin Wash Mitt to wash the surface (with a rinse bucket). If you just spray the foam you certainly will remove some of the surface contaminants but a mitt/sponge will be needed for a more thorough cleaning. If you don't use a mitt or sponge then you definitely should not apply any product after like a polish, wax, etc. because you will likely grind in contaminants causing micro-scratches. Let me know if you have questions.

I see... can you direct me where to buy the foam lance along w/ attachment to use w/ my pressure washer?

After using a sponge to clean vehicle, do you recommend using pressure washer to rinse or just bucket of water or does it matter?

Before covering your car w/ foam, do you rinse your car w/ water first?

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