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Originally Posted by Ammi View Post
I see... can you direct me where to buy the foam lance along w/ attachment to use w/ my pressure washer?

After using a sponge to clean vehicle, do you recommend using pressure washer to rinse or just bucket of water or does it matter?

Before covering your car w/ foam, do you rinse your car w/ water first?
I don't carry the foam lance now but i'm sure you can get it with a quick google search. It should be a pretty straight forward purchase to get everything you need. You don't have to rinse the vehicle with water before, it's really personal preference.

To rinse the vehicle most effectively I recommend you remove any of the nozzles and just let the water flood the surface with a regular hose. By flooding the surface you help lift and carry contaminants down and off the vehicle. Start at the top and work your way down. This process also helps pull the water down the paint as you rinse it, thus decreasing the amount of time you spend drying.

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