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When I first upgraded my "home theater" I had the same mindset as you... I only wanted to spend about $500 just to get "better" sound than the tv so I first looked into HTIB setups... well that went away quick as I started auditioning speaker setups. I have been a speaker fanatic (I had a 7k sound system in my 3er lol) forever, and it continued onto home theater i guess. I started with a speaker package from klipsch (Quintet SL) along with a onkyo 605 and a ksw-10 subwoofer. The setup was a little over 1k, but it sounded FANTASTIC (the subwoofer was weak tho). I definitely recommend this setup for you... You can find the quintet sl speaker package for around $550 if you look hard enough (ebay or something) and you can purchase an onkyo 606 for under 300 if you do a lil searchin as well. I GUARANTEE you will be blown away, although I do recommend you holding off on buying a cheap sub until you can afford a decent one.

I feel that that is the best compromise for you between getting a HTIB setup and spending a lot more money buying separates... I got rid of that setup because I started getting more and more into the whole home theater thing, and I increased my budget. I bought a klipsch f-2 setup (it was like $1500 or so) but I sold that a few weeks later because I wanted a wall-mountable speaker setup. After auditioning quite a few sets, I settled with the Klipsch XL-23 setup. It ran under 2k for the speakers, and I paired it with a cadence csx-15 subwoofer. As far as wall mountable setups go under 2500, I definitely think it is the best... I since sold my receiver (i only got to enjoy my speakers for a few days ) and am having the biggest headache finding the receiver I want for a decent price (i actually had a buddy who was going to come through but I found out yesterday, after waiting for a week, that he couldn't get it).

ANYWAY, i really feel that once you realize how important the sound system is for your home theater, your priority/budget will grow... and if you can't afford it all at once, buy it step by step!

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