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yea that's all taken into account, but the circuit boards themselves are quite different. i've seen both of them. basically the chinese versions are just strips of pirannha LEDs (if you don't know what they are, it's basically just a strip of superfluxes) that are tied together on a board to make them look like the OEM. where as the OEM is one single board (one for turns and ones for brakes) with all the LEDs on them and resistors and such.

in theory, it should work as the LCM controls that. so if you hook it up to the diagnostic and see that the dynamic braking function is activated. by running the wires it will work. other than that, i don't see how it wouldn't unless the LCM you got wasn't a newer one.

but are you enabling the outer ring for the use of the dynamic braking function? or do you want to just enable it so that it's on when you brake all the time? if you're going with the latter, i don't see why you should go OEM in the first place
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