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Originally Posted by danlauz View Post
my 2003 330 CIC (35000 KM)- manual .) is on rest for the winter. the car has been running 5 winters since dec 2002 and, for the last 2 winters, its inside my building sleeping at around 15 celcius. I know brake fluid and coolant fluid was made at BMW dealers in 2006. NOW, I plan to do the following in marsh-april 2009.. can you please give me your comments if you think its too much or, as I plan to keep my car for long time (running only during summer), parts cost is not an issue for me:

a) spark plug
No need unless you are experiencing misfires or other spark related problems

b) brake fluid
No need IMO, it can go another year

c) power steering fluid
No need either

d) coolant fluid (what about expansion tank, water pomp, thermostat)
These usually go because of the continuous stress, so no need unless they are leaking/malfunctioning.

e) straps were never changed so, I will change them. I am thinking also to change the pullies.
You can do the belts, cheap and easy. Pullies are not maintainance parts, no need

f) transmission (manual 5 speed) and differencial (never done)
You can change both here

is there anything you would suggest to me ?
enjoy your car!! You've got really low mileage to be worried about anything. You can check the tires & pressures since it's not good for them being still for a very long time.

Happy holidays & new year!
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