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Originally Posted by tupeu View Post
great work, I want to do this too, only I want the pc and the headunit to be in the glovebox somehow or under de passenger's seat, to reduce the cable lenght (and mess , I have somethig else in mind for the trunk)

You can put it under the passengers seat. The first aid box makes an ideal pc case in fact. you can tuck everything inside the box but you would have to cut the centre console or uplolstery for the wires! (which are a lot!)

a question is bothering me, how is the sound quality with the aux-in connection? at high volume and no music does it have the well knoun unwanted rustle sound (a background sound) ??
no problems, crystal clear sound

I have in my mind a bluetooth streaming connection between the PC (bluetooth dongle must have the stereo sound streaming feathure) and the alpine head unit with bluetooth adaptor, this way the sound transfer wil be digital and wireless of course
why? to have 1 cable less?

hope you get the ideea and like it, and tell me if its an alternative to the aux tipe of connection,
thank you and a happy new year
I use the line-out of the pc to Aux-In plug of the headunit. that's all

btw, i have an Alpine X200 and want to get my car an Apple Mini Mac that serves as a PC, with Windows Xp on it
not sure about the last one, you want an apple minimac to act like a pc with windows xp?

the minimac is too bulky for under the seat placement, specially when the passenger decides to roll the seat back or adjust it downwards!
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