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Originally Posted by Dantuan1 View Post
In order to to remove the plastic retainer clip which connects to the autoleveling arm, I found it easier to remove the black plastic trim in between the lights. Once that's removed, you have access to the back side of the plastic retainer clip, allowing you to compress it and pop it out. I slightly damaged my retainer clip in my first attempts to pop it out from inside the headlight. The dealer didn't see it as a replaceable part, but one of the other parts guys handed me one and said he saves them when the techs do warranty work on headlights - I guess it's manditory that they replace that piece when they're doing warranty work on headlights. On the drivers side (light in which I replaced the igniter) autoleveling used to start the beam low and then level when I turned on my headlights. My headlight now starts high then goes to level, my guess is the retainer clip is upside down - can anyone confirm that would be the cause?
that clip doesn't affect anything no matter which way it's pushed in. i'm guessing maybe you could have manually leveled it wrong the first time and had it too high? i haven't run into that problem really.

either that, or you did something wrong and wedged something on the bottom of the bowls so that the arm couldn't move down, senses that, and then go to move up.
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