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Originally posted by Dev

Get that window fixed first (of all the mishaps that has happened). What were the citations? Maybe I should be on the lookout too.
Yea, I gotta get that done first thing Monday. I got pulled over in olde town Roswell. I heard from several coworkers that Roswell cops are one of the worst! Great, and I am moving to Roswell! hehe...just my luck

The 5 citations were:
1- Cop pulled 4 cars over because we failed to yield to a pedestrain "in" the crosswalk. Although the lady was just standing there on the curb!
2 - Haven't switched over my MD license to GA, and he says that had to be done the 1st 30 days I moved here. Yea, this one is my fault. Going this week to get that done! Hoping this might get thrown out in court.
3 - My insurance card expired on 6/2/02! I have the insurance, but the card was sent to my old MD address. So this will get thrown out in court.
4 - Cop gave all 4 of us a warning citation because he *thought* we were speeding. Although, none of us were..Just a waste of time writing a ticket for just a warning if you ask me!
5 - Warning to get the limo tint off. Like I said before, yea right!

Oh, and while he was at it, he said "I don't like your blue lights" in the front, referring to the glass tint on the RD fogs. Too bad they light up yellow! He didn't say anything else about them, but still he has no right to say anything about them. They don't light up blue and since fogs are optional, nothing more he could do anyways.

Uhhh...Sometimes I wonder about the police! And he was like 60 years old...Had absolutely nothing better to do than to follow me and see if I'd do something

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