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Originally Posted by southpaw View Post
Thanks a ton, Kyle.

PC 7274?

and no, i dont have different cutting pads, what are they?
Yea, shop around.......I got mine for like $80 from this one website....

Different cutting pads are required for different polishes......

Purple Foamed Wool LCC Pads are the most agressive Pad
Yellow LCC Pads are on of the most agressive pad (Most used for compounding)
Orange LCC Pads are mild agressive (Used for medium polishes)
White LCC Pads are used for finish, slight agressive (For light polishes)
Black LCC Pads have no cut (Good for applying glazes, or waxes)
Blue LCC Pads have no cut, and are super soft (Good for appling liquid sealants)

For a PC, you really only need Orange, White, and maybe black pads

For My rotary, the pads completely change. The Rotary can do far more correction than a PC can do.......

I used Menzerna SIP with an Orange Pad
I used Menzerna 106FF with a White Pad
I used Klasse HGS with a Blue Pad
I hand applied my wax

Sorry I had to break the bad news. Detailing is a expensive hobby, ask me how I know. I got a couple grand worth of supplies in my garage. It sucks, but the results are amazing

My sig picture of my car is 2 weeks after I detailed it. From that far away, you can see the different lines in the hood, and the reflections off the building. It's a sweet picture
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