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UUC kit does not underdrive the alternator. their reason is stated on their site, but in short:
Underdriving the alternator would have ramifications ranging from dim lights at idle, to insufficient charging ability, and potentially as far as damage to your BMW's voltage-sensitive components.

i have it, and just as expected, you will not notice a difference. you just get to say "i have cool pulleys"
albeit, im not unhappy with the purchase. There's really not much to notice. Also, if you're going to do it i would suggest using the Stewart Hi-Flow water pump.
Underdriving the OEM pump is fine, but if you upgrade the pump and then underdrive it... you're back to OEM flow, but you gained from removing the parasitic drag.

i have noticed some tiny improvements in rev time, but not much. there's also not much of a weight difference between OEM and the UUC kit. i cant say how much, because didnt put them on a scale.. but holding them individually, there isnt.
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