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Originally Posted by Slick-Vic View Post
I don't have a vert but I was reading your DIY in regards to your original post about weather its possible to replace the stock amp for a aftermarket?

Or even if you could save the factory sub/amp and somehow add an additional sub and amp without having to go threw the troubles on rewirering it fully?

Obviously not an expert just kinda researching some options because this is probably the next thing I will do to my car over the winter...and help or suggestions would be greats guys your setups look awsome!!!
What I originally wanted to do was directly replace the ski pass sub with a shallow aftermarket sub and add an aftermarket amp. You don't have a vert so its not the same for you, but in the vert ski pass there is a 10" sub in a plastic housing that swings and locks open so you can slide skis through the center and into a ski bag that is attached behind the consol cover. for 70% of the year I don't need it but I do ski out here and with snow tires I can make it to the slopes so I actually use the thing.

Anyway I don't plan on saving anything factory except for the radio and wiring because I love the stock look. What I wanted out of the post is whether anyone ever attempted to just screw a new shallow 10" sub into the original plastic housing and replaced the amp with a new one. In hindsight, I may just attempt to build my own box to take up as little room in the trunk as possible or go with the stealth box over the battery. I did however get a few good install posts all gathered into this thread which is convenient!

For your own sub install just keep browsing this forum, there is a lot of good information.
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