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Originally Posted by zeppelin4 View Post
yeah bernstem hes not talkin about just a muffler hes talkin straight from the headers..its a little different and yours isnt a true dual exhaust since you just replaced the muffler
Well, I'm not talking about just a muffler either. I do know what a dual exhaust system is and the difference between a cat back and full exhaust. when I installed my supercharger and swapped out my cams and head, I also upgraded my exhaust. I went with Supersprint headers, cats and muffler. I had my shop make a set of custom mid-pipes.

Like Activ3 said, the easiest way is to buy 330 headers and the rest of the exhaust for a 330. When I upgraded, I just called Bimmerworld, told them what year my car was and what I wanted to do. They set everything up and shipped it directly to my shop. They sent me 330 exhaust headers, cats and muffler. All the parts bolted up fine with the exception of the muffler which needed custom brackets and Bimmerworld told me that up front.

As for HP gains, with a supercharger replacing the headers and exhaust will definitely give some power. Of the exhaust components, the headers are the most restrictive so replacing them will will give you the most gain. How much will depend on the rest of your engine and what other supporting modifications you have made.

Here are some pics of the install in case you thought I was just blowing smoke.


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