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yes there is a a sc for auto...but if you want to really enjoy the quality of driving a bmw then get a true manual or do a swap.

I have looked into sc for step for many months but decided otherwise.

Safe is hard to say...depends on driving style i assume

but from browsing e46fanatics the last year and the treads that discuss how weak the step tranny is...i wouldnt do it.
of course there are other members that say their tranny is 100k and going strong...well all i can say is, ask them how they drive.

some of us are defensive drivers and others are speed deamons. I think it really does play a major role for the life of a tranny or car to be exact.

this is from someone that decided a swap was better and cheaper option than getting another car.

but in the end it all depends on how you want to drive the car. if you have the funds anything is possible. if your limited then take in consideration the options out there.

Some may look at it as a waste of money other look at it as a hobby.

I love doing things to my car and yes its a pretty $ hobby.
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