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Originally Posted by photogenic View Post
well i have an e46 325i

and the only experience i have with e36s is driving three different m3s

I have to agree i love those cars cause it is so raw, you hear the engine more, you feel more power, it is way easier and cheaper to mod and ther eis a larger market of artermarket parts.

also repairs on them aren't so bad. coming from an e46 that hasnt had much change since then... i already know the ropes. If i were to ever get an e36 it would HAVE to be an m3.

I hear you. The E36 is a very simple to maintain. My Z3M is technically a E36 but with rear suspension from the E30. So it's really a E33 ((36 + 30)/2)? It is very raw compare to the E46 (M3 or non-M). Steering and suspension provide a lot of feedback from the road. I also drove a friend's Z4 for a while. It just does not feel as connected. But what surprised me is that the Z4 with stock suspension can go through the same corner at about the same speed as the M roadster with H&R and Bilstein combo. It's really a strange feeling. The Z4 doesn't inspire as much confidence. But it goes through the bends fast anyway. The M3 can actually go fast through the same bends than Z3M. But the experience is not as intense. My E46 ZHP isn't shabby at all compared to the Z3M in terms of handling. I think cars are getting less raw every generation by design. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you keep an older gen BMW for the occasions when you want some rawness. is offline   Reply With Quote