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You need to start it to get more into the system. I drained out six liters and it only took 4 before it started coming out. Plugged it and started, checked pan temp with kitchen laser temp sensor 110f, opened fill plug and it took another two liters.

Now some notes on my change from today. 05 330Ci with the A5S390R transmission and 116k miles.
Fluid was BLACK like really bad oil. Pan was coated in black film and filter media was pitch black. Everything cleaned up nice and easy.
Got the part number off the pan for the fluid, 83220024359, took it to BMW and the guy told me that it was only for the Xi, not the Ci. I verified the part number again and went back. Different guy put same part number into the computer as I watched and it's been superseeded by (82330397114) (dextron VI) made by Petro-Canada and sold in four liter containers, no need to take your own container. Cost $74 per jug or $18.50 per liter but you have to buy the whole jug.

Bentley says 9.5 liters total and 8 if not draining the converter. I got six and it took six to fill without draining the converter. Not sure how a converter could only hold 1.5 liters according to Bentley, has to be more than that since it only drained six. Bentley manual hasn't been very accurate in the last three jobs I did. For what the manual cost, I'd expect better data but that is a different topic.

Hardest part was jacking it up and getting it level. Backed up on ramps and jacked the front and used jack stands.

Kit from Bavarian Autosport had a rubber gasket, stock gasket was a metal gasket with a molded rubber edging. Ford has used these for years and they are reusable since the metal in the gasket prevents you from over tighening and the rubber does the sealing job.
Shifts smoother and no leaks!

If I was to do it again, I'd buy another 4 liter jug. As I was filling the last two liters to make six and it got mixed with the old fluid, it came out dark. I'd recommend draining and refilling to help get some of the really old fluid out or find a way to drain the converter if that is possible. Dextron VI is bright red FWIW.

Scale of 1-10, a 3 in my book. Not a whole lot different than changing the fluid on my F250 auto except filling is from the engine compartment.
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