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Originally posted by NickACS

Thanks Ryan The intial pull-over was because 4 cars failed to stop for a pedestrian standing next to a crosswalk!! The cop was 2 cars behind me and there was 1 car in front of me, for a total of 4 of us. As soon as the 4th car went through, he proceeded to go around all of us and stop in front of the 1st car and told us all to pull over. There is a sign next to each crosswalk that says "State Law - Must yield to pedestrains in crosswalk". But does that mean if they are just standing on the side?!? I mean if they were in the middle, of course I'm gonna stop! grrr

Anyhoo, that is the only ticket that may stick with me...But we'll see on court day! hehe
Wow.. That's super cheap. We have those signs here by crosswalks too in the suburbs outside of Chicago, but somehow, whenever I am in the crosswalk, no one seems to stop. Old people usually do. If I were to just walk out thinking someone would stop because I am in the crosswalk, I'd be road pizza.

I hate cops that pull over multiple cars too. Thats ridiculous..

Hope next week ends up being better!!!
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