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Originally Posted by Billy Drama View Post
Do you know anything about the level of "rattling" with the JB flywheel and an OEM clutch, as opposed to say, a stage 3 clutch?? Is there less rattling with an oem clutch and lightened flywheel, vs. an aftermarket and ltwflywheel?... Or are they all the same more or less?
if you just replace your clutch with another normal OEM Sachs clutch and you have the lightweight flywheel you're gonna be kicking yourself in the ass because the OEM E46 clutch isn't sprung hub and is gonna allow a LOT more rattle to be heard. The good thing about the Sprung Hub design is it literally has springs around the center that absorb the rattle (combined with the right Redline Tranny fluid you can have very little rattle). Now if you go with a stage 3 setup, rattle isn't something you worry about because youre probably on the racetrack or running crazy power and your engine would probably drown it out.
Also the fact that you have a 10 pound flywheel is gonna provide for rattle, period. The main reason I got the UUC setup was due to the option of aluminum (8.5 lbs i think) and steel moderate lightweight (16.9lbs). I got the steel because I don't track and since it is heavier it doesn't rattle nearly as much. Despite being 16.9 (stock is 25) my setup is still a lot lighter.....I actually raced the exact stock version of my car the other night (first time a 325i has raced me since my clutch flywheel upgrade) and I put close to a car and a half on him by the time i was out of 2nd gear. acceleration is so much quicker with the lightweight set up so whatever kind it is you'll have a lot more fun with your car.

Also when the AC is on the rattle is louder, at red lights I like to turn off AC otherwise you can hear it reverberate between the cars on either side. with the AC off its audible but easy to live with.

I see you live in the central coast, I live in SB, if you wanna feel/hear what its like to have the lightweight flywheel you can PM me

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