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Originally Posted by M0nk3y View Post
Dude, get rid of that buffer........

I can give you all the steps you need to polish your car, but your going to get no results from that machine......

Id suggest saving up and getting a PC......

That is what I started with on my car, and now I have stepped up to my rotary and I expanded my detailling business outward around northern ohio.......

You wanna wash your car first, and clay bar the spots that are needed. (I usually clay the whole car just incase)

You will want to use Nu Finish first. Do you have any different cutting pads?
Then use Meguiars #2
Follow up with Meguiars #7
Then wax

1. Wash
2. Clay
3. Nu Finish
4. Meguiars #2
5. Meguiars #7
6. Wax

Look around in this website.,

If you want pictures or suggestions on what polishes I use, you know how to reach me
Agree with most of the things on here except "Nu Finish" is a synthetic wax not a polish. So that would be the last step you would use.

To the OP most of the products you have there are probably just OK at best. I suggest next time you go shopping for detailing products do it online. The quality of the products is much better. Sometimes it is only a few more bucks too.

When you are ready just hit us up on this detailing forum and we can help get what you are looking for.
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