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Originally Posted by atlmcdonald View Post
I am trying to find the 32mm slim wrench and the pulley holder on line but I am not having any success. Can anyone help me out with identifying who I can get this from other than the local bmw dealership. I need to replace the idler pulley, but I cannot get the fan off.
Easy alternative instead of buying the pulley holder:

Spray your fan nut with some lube if it's seized.
Take the wrench, place it on the fan.
Remember, reverse threaded.
Take a hammer, and tap straight down while simultaneously using your left hand to push the wrench clockwise.

I've always used this method, and 90% of the time I can get it within 1-3 taps. The other 10% usually requires a bit more lube and another dozen taps.
Be careful, hit it too hard and you'll be buying a new water pump(I've never actually seen someone do this... but it's possible)
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